The Monoprice Maker Select Plus was the 2nd printer I ever purchased. Over the years I’ve had 12 of these printers running. While they may not provide the largest build volume of the printers I review, I will say they are the most reliable, longest-running, workhorse printers. If you expect to print non stop, as we do in the shop, this is a fantastic choice of printer.

The Monoprice Maker Select Plus comes almost completely assembled for you. The only assembly requirements are a few screws to put the upright braces on and the spool holder on the top. Even the most tech-challenged person can have this machine up and ready to print in about 15 minutes.

It’s reasonably priced for a printer of this size with a 7.9″x7.9″ print bed. Not too expensive but not overly “cheap” either. Overall it’s a good printer, especially for a beginner.



  • Easy To Setup
  • Reliable
  • Good after purchase support
  • Good print quality
  • Lower max print speed than advertised