The Silhouette Alta is the only 3D printer in my list that I don’t personally own. I’ve included it in my list of recommended printers primarily because of its seamless integration with the rest of the Silhouette family of tools and software.

I have used one, and I can say that it does have very nice print quality and works well with the Silhouette 3D software.

If you’re really looking for a printer that’s super easy to use, software that incredibly simple to learn, and you don’t mind the limitations of a small 4.5″ print bed, then keep reading! The bigger printers aren’t for everyone, so if you’re just wanting a 3d printer for some crafty creations, the Silhouette Alta just might be your perfect fit.

The software is really easy to learn and if you’re already using Silhouette Studio, you’re well on your way to using the Alta without much trouble. As with any 3D printer, there is still a small learning curve when it comes to unclogging nozzles and occasionally troubleshooting bad prints. The Silhouette Alta does not have a heated print bed, so you’ll be limited to printing with PLA filament only. This typically isn’t a big deal unless you had some grand plans on designing parts and projects that require specialty filaments.

It’s a bit higher priced than the other printers I’ve listed, but I’m going to say that can be attributed to the easy software that its built to use.



  • Easy software
  • Quick setup
  • Locking enclosure
  • Delta style printer ( faster printing )
  • Truly a beginner level printer
  • Made by an American craft company
  • Price is higher than other printers
  • Limited build plate size
  • Only works with Silhouette software
  • No heated print bed