We use a variety of tools and supplies for 3D printing and have put together a list of some of the items we consider “must haves” and our favorite supplies. You definitely need more than just a 3d Printer and computer, but since you’re here, I imagine you’re fairly crafty and have several of the items below in the house/studio already. I do earn a small commission when you purchase using the links below, enough for an extra pepsi at the store basically! It doesn’t cost you any extra to use my links.

3D Printing Tools

  • Nozzle Cleaning Kit – This comes with just about every tool you could need for maintenance on your hotend nozzles, as well as part finishing.
  • Digital Calipers – Essential to ensure your printer is printing size accurately. You’ll use these more than you ever thought possible!
  • Precision Tweezers – Great for removing filament that’s oozing from the hotend and 100 other uses!
  • Craft Knife – This is a must-have for cleaning up your final prints. Remove small nubs and ooze spots fast and easy.
  • Set of Pliers – You’ll be using these for changing nozzles, removing stuck on prints from the print bed, removing supports, etc. It’s good to have a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Hex Key Set & Screwdrivers – I have this set. It’s an electronics repair set and has all the tips you could possibly need or want in it.
  • Magnetic Light or Flashlight – Most 3D printers do not come with built in lighting, and you will definitely need light at some point. Changing a nozzle, clearing a clog, etc. I have these magnet lights on every printer they’re easy to adjust so I can shine the light on the prints or on the hotend.

3D Printing Supplies

  • 3D Printer Adhesive – If you’re having problems getting your prints to stick to your glass bed, this is the solution! I swear by this stuff.
  • PLA Filament – You can’t print without filament! I use 3D Solutech almost exclusively. It’s by far my favorite filament brand for the price.
  • Kapton Tape – High temp tape is always handy to have around. It works when you need to attach something near the hotend in a pinch and can also be used as a print surface in a bind.
  • Buildtak – Not a necessity, but if you’re still printing on masking tape or blue painters tape, you might want to think about upgrading to the buildtak surface. Prints remove easily and they last a long, long time. They can easily be cut to size if you can’t find the right fit for your print bed.
  • Ultrabase Glass Bed – Again, not a necessity, but this is the ULTIMATE print surface. Prints stick to it when bed is hot, and release when cool so your prints just slide/pop right off. No headaches, no hassles. I’m in love with these glass beds. You do need to make sure you find the right size for your printer, you can’t cut these down or make them bigger.