Crafting On A Budget

I was wandering the aisles at the local Dollar Tree today, and it occurred to me that they have a really nice craft supply section. One that not everyone might know about.

The best part about it? EVERYTHING is $1.00! You can stock up on soooo many crafty items for next to nothing.

In some of the stores they even have a name for it “Crafter’s Square”! I love this section. You can find everything from paint supplies, adhesives, wooden blanks, to tiny glass beads! I love the paint palettes. You get 6 of them in a pack for a buck! So you can toss them after use if you don’t feel like cleaning them out.

For clay crafts they have some really cool wooden blanks – inspirational words, small decorative boxes, and even wooden trays that you can cover in polymer clay to really create something unique and special.

You don’t always have to spend a ton of money to create beautiful items. I love the wooden words because you can cover each letter with a different clay veneer and create something amazing.

The wooden trays are another favorite of mine. You can paint them, then line the bottom with a veneer or a bunch of clay inchies for a patchwork look. Add a layer of epoxy resin over the baked clay and you have a gorgeous tray that would make a great gift that cost very little to make.

So the next time you’re out and about in your town, take a few minutes and stop by your local Dollar Tree and check out the craft supply aisle. Stock up on the glues, beads, wooden blanks, and paint supplies so you always have some wonderful blank pieces to start from.

Do You Keep 3D Print Notes?

If you’re not keeping notes on your 3d prints you should be. What you might think of as small differences in settings or materials, can cause big changes in how a print turns out.

Something as small as changing your hotend temperature by 2 or 3 degrees can completely change the way the print turns out. Keeping good notes on different brands, and even colors of filament can make all the difference for you when 3d Printing.

We’ve created a great print notes PDF file for you that you can print out and keep handy to make keeping print notes easier. You can grab your copy in our Free Files & Patterns Resource Library.

Craft Project Planner

When inspiration hits you don’t always have time to run to the craft studio and start making that new idea. Download and print a stack of our Craft Project Planners and keep them in a folder or notebook. Whenever you have a new idea you can quickly jot it down, do a quick rough sketch and then keep it handy until you’re ready to start creating.

There are places for a sketch of your idea, materials needed, what you have on hand, what you need to purchase, and then a section for notes on the project.

What a great way to keep those creative ideas at the ready!

You can grab your Craft Project Planner in the Free Files & Patterns Library.

Layered Leaf Earring Cut File

We just added a fun new cut file for you, the layered leaf. I love this design for its simplicity, and yet with some embellishments or depending on the materials used, they can be extremely elegant as well.

The leaf design doesn’t need a craft cutter to use, this one is simple enough that you can cut it by hand if you don’t have a Cricut, Silhouette, or other cutting machine.

Just print out the pattern and start creating. We’d love to see photos of anything you make with this free cut file.

You can download the layered leaf in the Free Files Resource Library.

A New Site, A New Start

I’m not the most eloquent writer. I tend to write the way I think and talk the way I write, which is jumbled at times. I’ll do my best to express my thoughts and feelings as best I can though in this post.

I’m beyond humbled, thankful, appreciative, and any other adjective you can dream up. I’ve been overwhelmed by emotion for months now, not always in a good way either. These last few weeks have also been overwhelming, but for a completely new reason. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the unwavering support you’ve all shown to me and my family in less than perfect times.

I knew I was the luckiest person around when people rallied to help us save our small business. I wanted to make sure everyone could see each and every day how much their input helped us.

After much discussion and reflection, we decided now was the time to rebrand. A new name and a new start. This business was born from my heart and only continues today because of YOUR heart. The love and support you all showed us is the reason we are able to go on. So, we will now and forever be known as From The Heart Supplies.

We’re not hiding who we are or who we were, there will be a notice at the top of the website letting everyone know From The Heart Supplies was formerly known as RJ Crafts. We just felt as though with all the craziness that we’ve been through, it was time for a fresh start, a new outlook, and a name that shows you how much we appreciate every single one of you.