The Makin’s Clay Machine is a mid-priced machine made specifically for clay. While this machine isn’t quite as nice as the Atlas machine or the higher-priced professional machines, it’s not a bad buy overall.

I owned one for several years and had very little issues with it. Some have reported problems with their Makin’s Clay Machine when rolling out thin sheets and ripples, but I never experienced those issues. My biggest gripe was the handle falling out all the time. I easily remedied that by wrapping the end in tissue before pushing it into the machine to make the fit tighter.

You can purchase the Makin’s Clay Machine on Amazon or at your local craft store.


  • Non-stick rollers
  • 7″ wide
  • Optional Motor Attachment


  • Clamp doesn’t secure well to table ( common with most machines)
  • Blades can’t be removed for cleaning
  • Handle doesn’t fit tightly, so it tends to fall out if not secured