Rebranding Announcement

RJ Crafts is now known as From The Heart Supplies. More information on back orders, reopening plans, and timelines are at the bottom of the page.

We are thrilled to announce our new brand identity. The changes and updates reflect how our business has evolved since it’s birth in early 2017. We all evolve, nothing stays the same and that’s a good thing. We’re evolving too, branching out into more craft mediums, offering digital files for those who love to DIY, and more. The new name encompasses our love for the business and all of our amazing customers and friends we’ve met along the way.

We have poured our heart and soul into making this business and our amazing customers have given beyond measure as well.

The new brand identity is meant to convey to everyone that this business was born from our hearts and is only here today because of the caring, giving, loving hearts of our amazing customers and supporters.

Thank you so much to all our amazing supporters who stood with us in our darkest times.

Reopening Plan and Timeline – We are currently in Step #2 of the reopening plan with a tentative date of June 8th for Step #3

  • Step #1 – That’s where we’re at now – I’m issuing refunds, making plans, working on things as I can, getting everything straightened out basically.
  • Step #2 – We’ll reopen for DIGITAL files only – meaning when we’re ready to open the website back up, it will only be for STL files for printing, SVG files for cutting, etc. NO PHYSICAL PRODUCTS AT ALL.
  • Step #3 – Once PA lifts the stay at home orders and we’re permitted to work in the shop again, we’ll package up and ship out any orders that were put on hold and not refunded. Once that’s all done, we’ll open the shop for SOME physical products, a soft reopening if you will. We don’t want to go too quickly and mess things up again, so it will be slow and steady
  • Step #4 – Back to business as usual once we know things are all running smoothly. IE: my medical tests are completed and we have answers, we can handle the influx of daily orders, etc.

Customer Information

If you had an RJ Crafts account previously, you should be able to log in to FTH Supplies using your RJ Crafts info. You may have to reset your password.

Old Order Information

Currently we do not have RJ Crafts order information on the new website. We’re still working on migrating that data over. Rest assured if you have an open order that you’re waiting on, we have it printed out and will be shipping as soon as possible.

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