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Thank you for inquiring about our terms of use. 

Thank you for using our digital files with your small business. 

We love supporting you and helping you grow, and the following is our terms of use. Please read these carefully before downloading or purchasing at FTH Digital Designs. 

Free Designs 

Design files given to you for free are at no charge and may be used commercially following our commercial-use terms below. 

Commercial Use 

Making a purchase of a digital file, or downloading a free design from us, does not transfer any rights to you. Copyright of our designs belongs to FTH Digital Designs. 

You agree to all terms by purchasing or downloading from our website. 

Licensing Personal and Commercial Standard License 

This license is for personal use, standard finished product sales, and blanks or physically printed transfers.  You may use our files under this license, ready for the customer to use and display. There are no limits to how many times you may use these files. 

You may not: 

Share or give away as a gift any of our digital files through email, storage devices, etc. This includes Facebook groups, forums, or other sharing methods. 

Modify our design files, like rearranging or removing parts of our design and claiming them as your own to sell them or give them away. 

You may modify it for your final use, but do not change it and say it’s yours to sell the file. 

Use any files as logos/branding, but you may photograph a final project to use in your branding and marketing. 

Sell our designs as digital files, even in other digital products like patterned papers, backgrounds, or stickers. 

Use our files with any print-on-demand website like Cafe Press, Redbubble, Society 6, etc. 

Use our files for anything offensive that is harmful, racial, or pornographic that would harm our name. 

Use our files to create digital embroidery files or stencils, or stamps for sale. 

Use our designs as a wholesaler or sell to other companies at wholesale. 

Use our listing images for any reason. You will need to photograph your listings. 

Please note that we are NOT responsible for any trademark violations if you purchase and sell a trademarked phrase in the category you are selling your products. 

We urge you to do trademark research before buying. We will gladly answer you via our Contact Page if you have any questions.